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Custom injection molds are custom sized and shaped plastic molds manufactured with high pressure injection technology. These molds always take their shape from the molten plastic that is pumped into a metal mold made of materials like aluminum, pre-hardened steel, hardened steel and beryllium copper alloy. The molten plastic inside the metal mold starts to solidify and finally takes the required shape after the cooling process is over. More complicated variety of custom injection molds are out there which demands specialized skill of building many removable slides or sections into the metal mold. Additionally, it requires custom injection mold makers to maintain the flexibility and hardness of the liquid plastic material used in the mold required for creating perfectly functional plastic molded products for use in your industry.
large plastic injection mold
Custom plastic injection molds are needed for manufacturing a large variety of plastic molded parts. From plastic containers, toys and bottle caps to automotive parts and electronic switches, everything is now produced using injection molds. These custom tailored injection molds often cost low when it comes to produce a large number of plastic parts and manage the operational activity of your industry effectively. Using them, you can easily prepare injection molds with custom features and continue with your production venture or unit. If you need molds with desired number of slides or sections but with little efforts and little cost,We are an custom injection mold maker and supplier relying on advanced technology to cater to your industry production needs no matter how large or small are they. Our expert professionals can design injection molded parts exacting your design specifications and increase the functionality of your finished products. With us, you can not only enjoy minimized plastic parts production cost and increased production speed but also greater precision, reduced scrap loss and low turnaround time. If you want your custom injection molds to be manufactured with proper care and attention, give us a call or email(info@enmould.com). We are here to act on your demand fast and bring you the following advantages:
  1. Low production cost
  2. Increased production rate/speed
  3. Greater finishing
  4. Infusion of small intricate details
  5. Use of fillers and inserts in the mold
  6. Better strength and durability of mold
  7. Lifetime warranty
Enmould has served the injection mold industry for over 20 years and has a team dedicated to providing you with the most cost effective solutions for design and manufacturing custom injection mold.Getting quality and durable plastic molded parts without the risk of spending on their future maintenance or repair costs, consider using custom injection mold service of Enmould today! Our service will turn out to be fitting and cost-effective for you!